Here is a step-by-step tutorial of create quizzes from excel:

Wondershare QuizCreator provides users with two options of adding different question types to a quiz.
1. Create questions one by one in QuizCreator.
2. Import questions from an external source: An existing Excel document.

Using the import Excel feature is a quick solution to creating questions and saving your time. QuizCreator includes an Excel template file named template.xls to help users create a formatted document that can be imported into the program. The following is the step-by-step tutorial of how to do it:

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1. Start Mark and End Mark
The start mark and end mark are indicators for Excel to communicate with QuizCreator and therefore are unchangeable. You need to retain these two cells at the beginning and the end of the worksheet.

2. Question ID & Question Number
Every question type has a unique question ID assigned to in the Excel template. When imported to QuizCreator, the ID will tell it which question type it falls into. This is a mandatory field of a question created in Excel.
ID Question Type
90001 True/False
90002 Multiple Choice(single answer)
90003 Multiple Choice(multiple answers)
90004 Fill in Blanks
90005 Matching
90006 Sequence
90007 Essay

Every question created in Excel must have a question number to go with it. All question numbers must be in consecutive order, otherwise, they can not be imported into QuizCreator.

3. Quiz Title
The cell next to the Start Mark is the quiz title.

4. Create a question
When creating questions in the Excel document, there are three required items and one optional item which need to be entered.
Required Items: Question Number, Question ID , Question Content
Optional Item: Image
QuizCreator has a unique feature which allows quiz designers to insert a static image or animated Flash into a question. In Excel, this feature is also available. By putting the full file path of the image or Flash in the Image Path field, you can add an image to a specific question.

eg: If an image file named image.jpg in the MyPicture folder of drive C is to be insert into a question, you will need to input the full filename path into the Image Path cell. C:\Backup\My Documents\My Pictures Note:You will not be able to create a click map question using the Excel template as this format is not yet supported.

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5. Add Answers
True or False
For True/False questions, insert TRUE and FALSE as the possible answers and indicate the correct answer by putting Y in the same row.

Multiple Choice (single answer)
For multiple choice (single answer) questions the maximum number of possible answers is 8. Indicate the correct answer by putting Y in the same row.

Multiple Choice(multiple answers)
For multiple choice (multiple answers) questions, the maximum number of possible answers is 8.Indicate the correct answers by putting Y in the same rows.

Fill in Blanks
To add answers to a Fill in the Blanks question, you may add up to 8 answer items and leave the correct answer area blank.

For Matching questions, you may add up to 8 answer items in the left column and put the corresponding matches in the right column.

With a Sequence question, you can put the answer items in random order in the left column and in the correct order in the right column. The maximum number of answer items is 8.

Short Essay
For Short Essay questions, you can either insert a model answer for reference here or just leave it blank.

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