How to Study Effectively: 5 Best Study Applications

So you are slogging endlessly on the study table to pass the upcoming examinations? Everything necessary is within your reach, and the jerker to your focus - your smartphone - has been kept upside down in the other corner of the room for no distraction of thoughts. *SlowClap*

Smartphones could be taking the rap for your misdemeanors at the education front, but the fact is far from what’s understood. There are a number of phone-based applications that can assist students in reaching the highest level of proficiency, and meeting the curriculum challenges with unparalleled ease. Read on to know the top 5 study applications that have made waves for driving the education sector to its major evolution.


If organization of study paraphernalia has always been a weak link in the thread of your academic aspirations, inClass is surely an application to turn to. Going by its specifications, there is no inkling that this application is certainly a great way to sort out one’s learning agenda, pin the study plans, organize lessons, collate important notes, and even sharing them with companions on Facebook and iTunes. A free iPhone and iPad application, inClass facilitate students to keep a comprehensive account of all the semesters at one unified platform, and therefore, eradicate apprehensions of missing out on anything of critical importance. inClass boasts of a mechanism, where students can capture pictures, make slides, record audio and video files of learning sessions, and enjoy the flexibility of tapping on to these resources at any time of need.



Clipix has been doing a Yeoman’s service to students by streamlining their day schedules, and upping their academic credentials to a significant score. Launched in 2012, Clipix is a result borne out of the needs of having an integrated platform to save the learning vitals in one click, such as photos, videos, audios and documents. You can use iMessage for PC for transferring your files from desktop toiPhone/iPad. Not only does the application enable students to maintain a digital library, but also allows sharing proportions of this aggregated data with other counterparts through Syncboard feature. Clipping everything essential at one central point is a factor that keeps everyone motivated about this application. To summarize, Clipix is a downright benefit in laying aside the crucial, and building a life around a better education plan. The application is available across iOS and Android platforms.



Dynamic, full-scale and easy, StudiezPro is a drooling draw for students, who are a stickler for organizational excellence and meticulous development. StudiezPro is an expert creation for a number of reasons. First, the application offers a broad overview of everyday assignments and classes to the students, and provides for easy management of homework/projects; thereby, bringing a day’s schedule to complete fruition of knowledge expansion. Secondly, the ‘Schedule Planner’, which is sure to bag the attention, is an incredible thing in managing the courses, class details, teachers’ bios, grades, location and many more. The inputs for subjects and grades are segregated in different sections assigned for each semester. StudiezPro is a praiseworthy application for reaching the levels of perfection while drawing up the synchronization settings. The content can be synced on a whole raft of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch. A countable factor of StudiezPro that will boost its credibility is its synchronization settings that work for Windows PC as well. However, all the devices should have StudiezPro app running over them. The application also provides for calculating grades, and tracking GPA. In totality, it’s definitely a smasher.


Quizlet has been the King in the league of smartphone-based education applications for reasons galore. Speaking about its stellar making, the application is replete with around 125 million study sets and over 10 million digital flashcards on both web and mobile, ensuring complete support and full-cream knowledge to the struggling students. As content is user-created and user-oriented, the authenticity and usability of this application have no parallel. The integration of practice tests, study modes and interactive games wonderfully blends the element of fun with the process of learning, and, probably this is why it has been touted as an innovative application that has made students to pursue their studies with high interest and vigor.  


Open Study Mobile

Open Study has been receiving rave reviews for being an application that can be rightly dubbed as coaching sessions in the virtual reality. The application allows students to create online study groups as forums to discuss concepts, exchange ideas and share important notes; thereby, boosting their potential collectively. Open study has crossed the mark of one million users, and this is a standing proof of the application’s popularity. Accessible on iOS devices, this application has played a cardinal role in bringing the minds together at discussion table, and seeking answers to the questions that look insurmountable. As students of different brain power and versatile talents come together, the studies are tend to be more creative, qualitative and focused.

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Comment by Dorothy Hastings on June 30, 2016 at 6:16am

Thanks for sharing lists of applications. It feel nice to being so informative and technology friendly.


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