I Created A Skype Chat Message Translator That Translates in 43 Different Languages in Real-Time and Speaks 10 of them

This is a FREE program, it can be used to learn how to read, write, and speak languages as well as communicate with others and NOT know their language.

My goals are to help people meet others worldwide, and remove some of the language barriers that have been in place, in the past.

Hopefully, both teachers and students will make attempts to make friends in far away places, learn about cultures and share their experiences, maybe even try to learn new languages, at their own pace as well. So that, this program, gets the use it was intended for. Instant Worldwide communications as well as self-paced language learning, at no cost.

Machine translation accuracy is from 72-82 percent, depending on the language, I use a method, I created called "Double Translation" so that you are re-fed, what your messages were, after being translated, in the language you choose.

This allows you for example, when you say "I have a bug in my program" that when it is translated, to Spanish, for example, it could be translated to "I have a insect in my program" your message, after using my "Double Translation methods" will show you, that you just said "I have a insect in my program", which will allow you to re-phrase your message to something like "I am having a problem with my program".

This kind of "Double Translation", feeding back the translated message, back to your language, has never been done before, and allows you to increase your translation accuracy, by learning, what phrases, translate better over time.

More Here: Click Here

Please share this free program, with as many people as you know, I have no marketing resources, I am a retired systems programmer, trying to give back to the world, in the ways I know how, with the talents, God gave me.


Don Kennedy AKA TheUberOverlord on Skype

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