As I have been looking into the research, I am find common themes of course with the material. Here is what I have found so far.
Setting Objectives:
*be flexible with the goals, they can be changed
*students involved in goal setting
*general enough to provide that flexibility
*contracts with the students provide them some control (ownership)
*provide enough time
*provide a rubric so they know expectations
*18-21% gain for students that have this in place

Providing Feedback:
*criterion feedback- performance relative to target level
*norm referenced-performance relative to peers (not as effecticve)
*time to absorb
*corrective in nature
*specific to criteria
*immediate or in a timely fashion
*peer, teacher, or self directed
*learning logs
*test one day after the learning, not immediately (process time)
*feedback is able to be worked on more by the student to achieve success
*type of feedback important: be about the task, about the process, with self regulation
*no's: you are a good student, good job, great work (not effective)

Common people doing research in these areas: Marzano, Pickering, Pollock, Walberg, Fraser, Bandura, Schunk, Bangert-Downs, Kulik, Morgan, Lysakowski

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