Inspiration: a Propelling Power that Urges Man to Dream

Inspiration is the inner encouraging power that can push man to the limit of their abilities as they pursue their own goal in life. It is the inner basis of reach the desired achievements. We all know that a man with inspiration either from external or internal, could lead to the passion of a great character. When a man reaches the point of doing things with passion consistently, there comes the attitude in the level of integrity. But how can we reach the goal in life if we do not have inspiration? How the teacher can motivate the students if the family that will serve as their inspiration were broken? It will be the biggest contribution of every teacher if the student started to dream and be inspired in where they are going to.

I ask the student once to stand in the front of the classroom facing their classmate. Who are you 20 years from now? It was not so big deal yet realizing their present situation combines with their current knowledge in life; I did have the answer that I am expecting. So I told them, they should start dreaming on their career starting today. If they want to become entrepreneur, engineers, doctors, nurses, soldiers, teachers, mechanics, inbound call center agents, customer services, programmers or whatever they want, they have to imagine themselves 20 years from now in at least 30 minutes of classroom hours. We need to put to the student minds what will they be in the future. Once they start dreaming their career, they will begin to inspire and that will be the greatest contribution of a teacher for me. Yes you can teach them calculus, scientific research, A+ level of writing, solving accounting problems and education you want to them yet you do not know what will happen after one year. However, if they have dream and inspiration, wherever they go, they will pursue it at whatever situation and whenever the opportunity is available.

Everyone has to make them all that differentiate one from another and to what extent it will cushion an impact to our lives and what direction it will lead us to an ultimate realm that we live in. Our dreams and ambitions in life seem not easy. We come to know our weaknesses which make us aware of what we need to improve within ourselves. God gives us dreams which vary in sizes so that we can grow and succeed. We all know we are not PERFECT. Despite our lapses we tend to do mistakes and with the given scenario, we learn different lessons with lots of reasons to fasten unto them.

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