The thing I noticed the most about Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs was they stayed relatively the same from the revised chart to the digital chart.  The basis for each verb was very similar in “old school” vs. “new school”.  For example, the lowest order of thinking skills is remembering.  The basic concept of remember is the same between both trains of thought.  It is the ability to remember or recall information.  The difference is how it is accomplished.  Under the “old school” thought process one accomplishes this by rereading, reciting or highlighting the information.  Under the “new school” process, they are incorporating technology.  Instead of highlighting, one is bookmarking or googling the information.  It is very similar for the remaining 5 verbs.  It is getting technology involved with such actions as texting, blogging, video production, podcasts and more.   

When I was instructor, we used a very similar process in developing our courses and the required outcomes.  We had different learning outcome codes.  For example, we might have to instruct orbital mechanics to the 2B level.  This would probably be the equivalent to Analyzing.  Students had to be able to understand and interrelate the facts.  Instead of asking a question like, what color is the sun, they would have to understand why the sun is orange and explain it.  Other parts of the course were equivalent to remembering.  Here are the facts, can one regurgitate them.  Then finally, the highest level we taught to was the 3b, or Evaluating.  We would teach concepts, demonstrate them and then allow the students to practice them.  They would then get evaluated on how well they could perform the task without instructor assistance in a simulator. 

If time permitted, one could very easily move up one level in their classroom.  Were it might get difficult is if one tries to jump up multiple verbs.  But if one is able, this could allow the students to really engage themselves and would allow the teacher to see just how much they actually understand the material.  Simple things as having the students or groups create blogs or videos could increase understanding drastically and it wouldn’t take up too much more time if done outside the classroom.  This is a very different approach from when I was in school.  I pretty much learned everything to the lowest level, which is remembering.

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Comment by Curtis Pembrook on January 27, 2016 at 8:49am
It's interesting that there seems to be a movement to almost immediately push students beyond lower-level knowledge articulated in Bloom's taxonomy, and to expect that they should be able to elaborate, or synthesize, topics without foundational knowledge. Indeed, this appears to be the premise of common core. The "fact" is, sometimes we need to know the facts in order to see relationships between concepts and cause & effect.


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