IQ test do Not Measure your thinking ability

IQ tests do NOT measure your ability to solve problems
This software comes close.

I am excited about this simple computer game. I found a very old version of a Japanese computer game called Sokoban and I love it. You can google it and get a copy, Its free. It measures your ability to think. Solve problems and see relationships.

I have taught in the public school system for over 15 years and I am sure IQ tests scores do NOTaccurately predict intelligence. Written test of any measures how much you have retained and can apply that information you have been adequately taught. It also assumes you were interested in what you were taught.I taught in college and took particular note that the high school valedictorians were never the sharpest students in my class. Sokoban is a great measure of one’s ability to think. You cannot make the same mistake twice. You must do something different, You must see ahead. You must control your frustration level. You must say I Can Do This. (ICDT)

I mentored a young man that was a wonderful person. It seemed to me that he was a slow learner and needed a lot of patience to learn. I wondered if he had a learning disability.Then I found a very old copy of Sokoban. I attempted level 3 and had difficulty with it. I had to take a break. The young man use the keyboard completed level 3 to 9. I realized that the student was brilliant. I pushed him harder because I knew that he could think (better than me)
Often we as teachers judge prematurely. Marva Collins, (my favorite hero) said ” If students can learn the words to all those rap songs that can learn Shakespeare and the Canterbury Tales to.”Teachers, try Sokoban, It is so cool. It teachers you how to think, in a fun challenging way!

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