Today was a reassuring day that proved my point that ife isn't as black and white as it seems. In our AP English class we have been getting grades not expected for an "ACE student". Our essays are being "destroyed" and our teacher has little to no experience when dealing with kids who can't get it through their head that its all about the learning process that the class is going under. That the grade you get isn't the most important thing. True it will reflect your achievement in the class, but it will not reflect the level of work you were able to accomplish nor will it reflect the type of student you are. Two very important things when it comes to facing real world scenarios.

I'll can be honest and admit that it is important to have good grades. And that it is important to prioritize. Seeing the world in this fashion nowadays isn't enough. You have to be creative. You have to be determined. And you have to stand out as a 3-d figure in a world that just keeps growing and becoming more and more dynamic. Doing the bare minimum just isn't enough anymore. If you want to succeed and go far in life you must take it upon yourself to make your dreams possible.

Anything worth accomplishing takes hard work and determination. It will take hitting a few brick walls. And it will take creativity, incentive, and a passion not found in accomplishing easier goals. Of course there are doubts and fears but isn't it all worth it just to see the fruit of our labor. To experience a journey that make us a better person. That tells us we haven't killed you yet because we know that you can make it. That you're closer than you think and it's only a matter of diligence. That is what makes us people. The ability to dream and pursue these dreams although there is a high possibility that we may fail.

Being a student in today's world isn't an easy thing. It might be easy to be a student who does not care about their education, but for those who do care it makes life only that much harder. We are preoccupied with meeting bar and preparing ourselves for the future to come. We want to get into the best schools and have the best teachers to insure the best results. Somewhere in that state of mind we forget why we are pursing such goals. Typical answers might be because we want to be rich when we are adults; we wants to be doctors, lawyers, and pharmacist but with no real reason as to why we pursue such goals.

Our incentive is what will ultimately define how far we go in life. It will determine if we get stuck hitting the brick wall or if we will learn to climb over the challenges that come our way. It is very clear to distinguish someone who is doing something that they love and really want to make difference doing versus someone who doesn't really understand why they should take on such a goal. That doesn't really understand why he/she fails and what he/she can learn from that experience.

Overall it all comes down to the learning process. We all can see the big picture and know the steps it will take to accomplish those goals. These things however are the tricks, the flash in the state of mind in which we are thinking. The fundamentals, the morals, and the understanding we are able to apply when faced with accomplishing our goals is what will determine if we succeed or fail. If we aim to succeed, but do not aim to learn then we will fail everytime. If we aim to succeed and aim to learn something along the way, then anything we set our minds to is possible.

Sincerely, Hector Guzman

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