Living in a land where incarceration is a bigger need than schooling.

Turns out the jails in Los Angeles will not have to endure financial cuts. And to the average citizen, I am sure that brings a sigh of relief.

But our schools of course, aren't so lucky.

To read this article is to see that in the prisons,"the department has managed to find $25 million in additional savings and revenue."

Steve Whitmore, the department’s spokesman, said, “There will no reductions in services in unincorporated areas and no reductions in detectives.” He also said, “There will be no jail closures, and no portion of a jail will be closed.”

Doesn't this really tell you what is going through the mind of most American residents? We value jailing people over educating them and when push comes to shove, if one has to give, let it be schools -- cause incarceration is a bigger need if choices have to be made.

Schools have been closed, teachers have been fired, kids have been provided less services in an almost draconian manner these last few months. But when it comes to our jails, the powers that be are doing everything they can to ensure that all remains status quo.

Not that I want them to cut off the legs of our justice system. I mean I don't want the prisons emptied either. But why is it that the jails can manage to save their own skin and schools can't... and that there isn't more of an uproar about it either?

America loves incarceration, that's for sure.

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