Make a Screencast for Thesis Defense Presentation

A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output. It is widely used in illustrate technical concepts and operation procedures which are hard to explain in words. Most screencasts are generated by screen recorder software. So we can say screen recorder is a helpful presentation tool to create screencasts for software and system demonstration.

For most graduates from technology universities, they will make some software applications or systems for their thesis defense. When in the presentation, they will show their productions to their teachers while operating the computer. Students can show the overview and structure of the production with PowerPoint presentation. When it comes to usage of the production, showing the teachers step-by-step illustration will be good. Speaking and operating at the same time is not that comfortable for students especially they get nerves.

 Screencast for Thesis Defense Presentation

If there are screencasts showing the operating steps of their productions, they will perform better in the thesis defense. In that case, screen recording software is in need.
Supposing you are going to have your thesis defense, you can rehearse the thesis defense before presentation. Try to express and run the productions. Practice delivery while moving the mouse.

Create solid screencast script. Ensure that your script doesn't just explain how to perform a task, but ensure it properly highlights the features and benefits of the production being demoed. By continually pointing out the features of the production and then going further to explain why they're beneficial to the audience you make a more compelling demonstration.

Control the operating timing. In the task you will handle, how much time will be spent describing an operation, what will you say to highlight a feature, and when will you zoom on an area for details, you should get a feel for controlling the timing. During your rehearsal, ensure that you are speaking clearly and slowly like that you are at the thesis defense presentation.

Avoid unnecessary mouse movement. During your production operating recording, ensure you don't move your mouse unnecessarily. Movement on the screen will draw your audience's attention. Consider using some screen recorder like DemoCreator which enables users to modify or delete the mouse curse.

Add interactivity objects to the presentation. You can add interactivity objects to enhance your presentation. Then you can interact with your teachers and audience for better communication.

Record voice-over narration in practice. You will express your point in the thesis defense presentation by yourself, so making a silent screencast is OK. But you can check the audio recording option and record your narration and listen to your recorded voice, you will know the
defect of your presentation. Then you can make improvement for better performance.

Prepare the screencasting software. There are a lot of screen recorder available. According to the requirement we mentioned above, a Flash screencasting application with powerful editing feature, and supports audio recording is good. DemoCreator is a nice option.

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