A couple of weeks ago at a "connectivism" group at FB we were talking about socialbookmarking tools (delicious and diigo, mainly). I said,as an old user of delicious, that I have some strategies for tagging and tought about writting them down, so here they are!

The main point on how I came with these "strategies", is being able to find things back and for that is better when I tag extensively and at the same time I keep a consistent "body" of tags (I have~600).

It depends on the page I am tagging, but normally I try to do as much as possible of the following:
- Name the type of resource (video, blog, article, about article, about blog)
- Name the author (if known and important)
- Name the organization (if known and important)
- Name of the publication (if it is an article, etc)
- Name of the tool (if it is about a tool)
- Describe the topics and/or concepts(all that make sense, as much as possible)
- Name if I want to do something about it (to be read, to buy, to talk about)
- I also have a tag for each course I give, so tagg it with all the "course tags" where this thing could be useful for learners

Then I have bundles, where I bundle taggs according to those categories, and also by topics. Bundling helps me as well for recongizing if I am using two different words to name the same thing.

Once in a while (each ~month) I go an do tag management (basicaly bundling new tags, and cleaning misspelled ones, renaming).

Some other things I never did from the begging on delicious but that we are using when tagging our entrances in a collective-team blog:
- Always use lower case (except for names)
- Always in singular (except when the concept is plural)
- Always tagg in Spanish... unless the concept in original language is important, then use both
- Authors, only by last name
- Organizations, publications, etc, by there acronym (if they have one)

I think it's very simple, and that helps me a lot!
That's it! :-)

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