Net Geners set to topple our comfortable school-centered world in order to LEARN!

In Grown Up Digital, Tapscott notes: "Net Geners possess a tool of unprecedented power and are driving changes that could topple many established orders . . .People no longer have to follow the leaders and do what they're told. Now they can organize themselves, publish themselves, inform themselves, and share with ther friends-- without waiting for an authority to instruct them."

Isn't that great!? I hope you will imagine with me what that means for learning! It's a fundamental shift in the power structure, with great opportunities for learners but also for teachers. It's a nice joke that we like to perpetuate that a teacher in a classroom at a certain time for x number of minutes is the best way for a Net Gener to learn something. Does anyone really believe that? I mean really??

What happens when the current system begins to teeter? Could be a lot of nasty fall out when it actually topples. What are we doing to get ready, because significant change is just around the corner. If you don't believe it, just pick up the newspaper. It's right there for everyone to read. Maybe more about that, tomorrow.

The challenge is to explore with Net Geners, the best ways to cause learning. That's where the role of the teacher can change dramatically. How do we begin to really take advantage of the opportunities that were not really available even a decade ago?

That's a great question to ponder in the new year!

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Comment by Chris Fray on January 11, 2009 at 1:17pm
As always, Tom, I'm inspired by what you have to say about learning. As a teacher who is interested in creating an environment where the maximum number of students can learn the most, I continue to be interested in the ways that you can help me get me and my teacher ego out of the way so that learning can accelerate!
Comment by Tom Welch on January 11, 2009 at 1:53pm
It's the teacher's heart with which we approach this journey, my friend. And the very qualities that made you a great learner come into service as you share that ability to guide and extend the learning of others!


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