Well, as all of you in Victoria probably already know, 1:1 computing is here, in the form of the government's Netbook trial. My school happens to be one of the 300 and something that have been chosen to participate and as the head of IT in the school I can honestly say I am excited, to say the least.
I have sussed out the software package and reviewed the computers themselves and I think this may be a big coup for those of us who believe the future is not the future any more, but the now. My kids have been working with laptops over the past 12 months to blog, podcast, use Voki's and avitars, make videos, research and publish thier work to great effect. The only problem with the technology has been the lack of funding to support the necessary infrastructure to make the stuff work efficiently. Believe me, waiting for 20 laptops to log in to 1 WAP with a G connection can be tedious and time consuming at the best of times. However, I feel that the Netbook program has the potential to ensure the necessary upgrades to wireless infrastructure and server power and memory are made in our school.
I guess I could blab on for hours about the positive effects of 1:1 computing in the classroom but I am really trying to find out what everyone else thinks, especially what those teachers working with 1:1 currently think of the program and how they use the power of technology everyday.
So I put it to you, my fellow teachers around the world, to help me prepare for a shift into full time 1:1 across all areas of the curriculum, not just when I am lucky enough to have the POD's in my class. I have many questions: How can I ensure safety? That my students recognise and respect copyright? That I can make a real difference in thier literacy outcomes through using computers? That I can help others in my school to understand the potential? And last, nut definitely not least, how can I as a teacher ensure that I am at the top of my game and can allow my students the opportunity to use these machines to extend and consolidate their understandings of the world that they live in and the Universe outside of it?
Please feel free to respond with suggestions and questions of your own. Also, I am looking for new open source software that can help my kids to get the most from their NetBooks. This is my first real post on this site but I am sure to keep you all up to date as the trial takes shape and begins to show results.

Chris H.

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