New Media Literacies -- What are they?

I found a blog post by Susan Carter Morgan which included MIT's Henry Jenkins's video about New Media Literacies. See the blog here.

Love this:
New Media Literacies: "Becoming part of the participatory culture….Skills that connect people together with something larger than the individual levels…."

The logo for Project New Media Skills is "create, circulate, connect, collaborate." I would add consider -- consider the ideas; to consider reflects contemplation and compassion, and is a supportive skill for "group citizenship.

For more videos by Henry Jenkins, go here and Kevin Lim's bloghere. The latter video discusses transmedia storytelling and is very powerful. Think about it:

Citizens today can "sieze control and tell their own stories in their own ways" rather than be told ideas by the old media, and instead of Big Brother watching us, "we are watching big brother every moment of the day." I need to watch this one again to digest it.

Think of the potential. Think of the skills, group and citizen, that we must guide our students with and to...

Henry Jenkins on Transmedia - November 2009 from niko on Vimeo.

Thanks to Susan Carter Morgan and Kevin Lim for circulating these videos so I could consider them, connect to them, and circulate them again...

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Comment by Dr. Russ Meade on July 15, 2009 at 10:33am

Excellent post ....The best way to learn and become "media literate "is simply "Educators Educating Educators"
I did a recent profesional paper and presentation on this title and we all learned from each other!

With Web 2.0 tools coming at us almost daily simply sharing what we all found, what works, what doesn'nt is perhaps the best way to educate us all!

In Web 2.0 tools there are no true "experts" as all of us in the Forum have different disciplines, different college budgets ets.

It would be great to somewhere start listing the tools we all use!

Have a great day!

You are all invited here to the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC at anytime ! ( Working full time in DL it is nice to have company:):):):)


Comment by Sheri on August 12, 2011 at 6:06pm
I'm just now learning how to keep up on these posts. Way late, sorry. Just think how times have changed in two years: now we have wikis, livebinders, filled with tools to use in the classroom!


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