Someone asked me “How would I teach in today’s environment, what techniques would I employ?

I replied, “How much time do you have to listen”.

Let me share just one with you.

It is believed that there are
10% very smart students,
10% very slow learners
and every one else is in the middle.

Assuming I taught 180 days a year, I would create 180 Video DVD Lessons. Each DVD would contain a video lesson for the slower more deliberate learners. It would include on location video clips designed to make internalizing the information FUN, The DVD would also include very advanced activities for those who are accelerated learners.

I would make a copy for each student, for each of the 180 days. That is 35 x 180.
6300 blank DVDs at 20.00 for a pack of 100 costs $1,260.00.

Over the summer I would produce the 180 DVDs, (And I would ENJOY doing, it would be a fantastic outlet for my creativity.) I would enlist the aid of others. I embrace technology (Oh, by the way I taught I taught all the sciences and Math, but I believe this concept is possible for all subject areas and most grade levels)

The cost of the raw materials for this ambitious project is almost $1500.00 dollars.
My teaching paradigm is my students are my customers (my clients). The product I am selling is my process and procedure of how to make learning (learning anything) FUN.
My idea is the HOW to learn is important, the WHAT doesn’t really matter that much.
So the money I spend is really for me. I will not wait for the board of education to supply me with the money I need, they are not the Board of Education’s students, they are my students and I really care.

How could one accomplish such a task? The right software will make it easier than you might think. I would use Jing, Visual Communicator, Cool Edit, My Web Cam, Digital Video Stills; I get excited thinking about it!

Every day after the lesson I taught (the lesson designed for the middle group using the upper 10% as assistant teachers, see Let Kids teach Kids), I would give each student a DVD to take home and encourage them to get their parents to watch it with them.

I know what you are thinking; maybe they don’t have a computer I home. I would not even concern myself with that. (There are computers in the library, at the neighbor’s house
They will make a way. Used computers are available from for under $100.00)

Again you might think, they will not watch those videos DVDs.
To encourage students to watch them
I would used selected students to participate in making them.
Students whose parents would allow participation would be used to be actors in the videos
And the parents also of they wanted to participate.

Now for you purveyors of negativity.
This works, I have done it
I dare you to try it
I don’t expect all teachers to go out and do what I would do.
I know, you are only one person and you can’t do every thing.
But my motto has always been

I am only one person….but I am THE ONE
I can’t do everything….But I can do SOMETHING

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Comment by Tammy Moore on December 23, 2009 at 8:02am
I enjoyed your blog post, William. :0)

I don't go video, but I do use VoiceThreads. I teach online and my courses have a synchronous and asynchronous option. The synchronous students meet with me in a live, online environment. The asynchronous use our Moodle. Those VoiceThreads help those students 'in the middle' that are doing the synchronous option when they need to miss a class, found themselves distracted during the live presentation, or want to review before a test. The students wanting to move faster or slower through the material definitely benefit from the VoiceThreads because that allows them to break free of the 'pace of the middle'. I hold open office hours about 5 hours per week in which any of my students can drop in for live help if they need it.

I think having a recorded version and letting students have options as to pace is a great way to go.


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