Sites for Beginning Readers

Listen to unique songs for each letter of the alphabet.

Find songs, animation, and interactive learning when learner clicks on appropriate places on the screens. This site is packed with a lot of learning.

Match baby (lowercase) kangaroos to mommy (uppercase) kangaroos.

Play a silly letter identification game with the traditional ABC song.

Listen to and match beginning sounds in a game called Sassy Seals.

Watch an animation of words act out their meanings.

Listen to and choose correct beginning sounds of words.

Listen to a word and choose the correct spelling.

Match words with sounds. There are three levels and you can choose ending sounds, beginning sounds, or rhyming words.

Choose sounds and then watch and listen as the sounds are made closer and closer together until the sounds become a word.

Focus on the beginning sound and find the word that matches a picture.

Find books, games, and videos to teach beginning reading skills in the Learn to Read section.

Take your pick of the many reading games offered or have a story read to you.

Choose the beginning and endings of words you hear. A cartoon blender will tell you if you’re right.

Sites for Developing Readers

Find two synonyms for actions of an animated dog.

Play a game against the computer or another player choosing antonyms, synonyms, and word meanings for words.

Match synonyms.

Find some spelling and grammar explanations, games, and quizzes.

Find writing explanations, games, and quizzes.

Choose correct titles, text, and pictures for three types of non-fiction writing.

Answer questions about five different poetry verses to show an understanding of each.

Create and use new words with prefixes and suffixes.

Interact with a tutorial using key words to find direct definition context clues in text.

Play a game finding a similar meaning for a word in a sentence.

Read rhymes about twenty-two different jobs and guess which job the rhyme is about.

Choose the correct meaning for a word with more than one meaning based on the context of a sentence.

Learn about long vowel spelling patterns with ten poems including animation, audio, and activities.

Take a quiz to show knowledge of syllables in words or use as practice to teach about syllables in words.

Play with an onset and rime wheel to create words that match a clue.

Play a matching game with homophones.

Locate and choose correct vowel phonemes while reading ten interesting postcards.

Choose a vowel phoneme to make a word from a group of similar sounding phonemes and build a sandcastle with correct answers.

Take a quiz choosing correct ending punctuation for ten sentences.

Play a timed game and build a brick wall by dragging words into the correct order and adding punctuation to make sentences.

Match first, second, third, fourth, fifth, then, and finally to written directions for building a snowman.

Choose the main idea for paragraphs about different topics. Correct anwers are rewarded with clues to solve a riddle. This game only has one riddle, so it's a good one time practice game for main idea.

Choose three books that belong to the same category. There is a hint option if a player is unable to see how three of the five books go together.

Read three Garfield comic strip panels or have the panels read by clicking on read this panel, put the panels in order, and answer questions to win a pretend boxing round. There is a large number of different comic strips with three panels each and most are funny.

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