Online resources for geography teachers

 Support and Guidance for Geography  Useful website addresses
(last updated January 2009)
QCA/DfES geography websites and publications
The QCA geography updates can be accessed through the  'Innovating with
Geography' website. Links are made to all the websites featuring the updates so
you will only need to remember one simple address from now on. 
National Curriculum in Action now includes material on the exemplification of
standards, ICT and creativity.
Guidance on teaching geography to gifted and talented pupils
Planning, teaching and assessing geography for pupils with learning difficulties
Schemes of work for geography (Key stages 1-2)
Scheme of work for citizenship (Key stages 1 and 2 subject leaflet)
Information for parents about the geography national curriculum

Education for sustainable development (QCA ESD website) lists directory of organisations involved in
this area (DfES ESD action plan, launched Sept

Assessment for learning (geography)
National Curriculum Online
Geography and ICT case studies
Respect for All for_ all/geography/good _practice.
Non- Government sites
Geographical Association /DfES website –Action Plan for Geography 2006-8 
Teacher resource exchange. Moderated database of resources and activities
created by teachers  
Links to numerous websites
This is the East Lincs website which accesses some of the sites above plus many
Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers.
BBC Schools Geography
Information for teachers and children on:
· Barnaby Bear (5-7 years QCA Unit 5)
· Weather Around The World? (7-9 QCA Unit 7)
· Island Life (9-11)
· Two cities –contrasting localities (9-11 QCA Units- 10, 13,14, 15 and 22)
· Rivers and Coasts (9-12 QCA Units 14 and 23 )
Work includes mapping activities, quizzes, pictures of famous places,
comparisons etc.
Go to Education 4 learning- Fgeographt TV notes, web links and watch educational
programmes online
Subscription site but has free exemplar materials currently 'Building Britain'
map activity
Subscription channel
Geographical Association
Link to comprehensive list of websites
Chembakolli (downloadable resources- subscription required)
Staffordshire web site-leading geography site
SLN Web Enquiries 
Oxfam Education Websites
A huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension
in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support
Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their
world and make a positive difference in it.
Free interactive whiteboard resource to help pupils aged 8 and above explore the
differences between a map and a globe, learn the names of continents and
countries and understand how different map projections affect our perceptions of
the world.  - The World Factbook – drop down information about every country in
the world. Country Profiles suitable for K.S 2 teachers and pupils. - Inside World provides news and profiles on many European
countries in the country portal section.
This is a UN site and profiles of member states are provided, along with
information about flags, water, education and human rights  
School's net site with NC units for geography plus teacher and pupil activities
and information. Currently have an example of planning 'Going to the Seaside'
Christian Aid site suitable for K.S.1 and 2 pupils and teachers. Helps children
to find out about other parts of the world and considers ways in which it can be
made a fairer place to live. A section for teachers covers issues such as
hunger, transport, disasters, health, farming and the environment.
Global Eye (online resources and activities for Development Education)
Information on different countries, people and topics e.g. mountains suitable
for K.S.2
Lesson plans and resources plus access to the standards site, schemes of work
Your school needs to have bought into espresso and will have its own passwords
and access via Moodle Doo.
Excellent K.S 1 and 2 photographic, video and text materials on:
Countries, earthquakes, environmental issues, explorers, farming, farms,
landforms, maps and globes, people around the world, places of worship, rivers,
seas and oceans, settlement, the UK, towns, volcanoes, weather and climate
"Real St Lucia - A Venture for KS2" (Webquest by Jane Smith)
Sammy Seagull (online Big Book for KS1) links to the seaside  and seaside
SCRAN (image archive subscription required)
Snaith Primary School resources  
Tea council activities including the Tea Trail (online cross-curricular
activities) or
Web cams – showing, Pyramids in Egypt, Empire State building, Niagara Falls and
mainly other US locations
Weather Online (climate data from worldwide locations) -
Environment Agency (links to flood maps and information on environmental
FreeFoto (image archive)
Geography Photos (image archive - subscription required)
Mapping Resources
Sources for maps and satellite images
Google Earth
A free 3D version of a programme combining satellite imagery maps and
photographs. (Download from
AA Routeplanner
Plot routes and print maps.
Free blank outline maps of the countries and continents of the world (jpeg
format). Also a source of much more geographical material.
Animated Globe
Download an animated globe.
Earth Observatory
From NASA, gives images containing various types of data.  Includes the facility
to animate a globe or world map showing a particular dataset.
Earth View
Use this to demonstrate the significance of point of view as to what is seen.
There are several options, which include viewing a map view or earth view. The
user can select to view from the sun, moon or dark side. Change the view from
now to a selected time and date. One can set longitude or latitude or simply
click to centre or zoom. Remember to click ‘update after selections.
Education Place
Outline maps in Adobe Acrobat format.
Graphic maps/ World Atlas
Clipart-type maps for locations and outline maps.
Maps of all scales - just type in the postcode. Also aerial photographs and
directions. Use for maps of many parts of the world.
National Curriculum
National Curriculum maps.
National Geographic Xpeditions
Black and white maps to print
(Many other maps are also on this site)
Infomapper (online access to OS maps and aerial photos - subscription required)
Street maps of the UK.
For views of the Earth these sites are excellent, many of the views can show
different features of the planet.
University of Texas Maps pages
Good comprehensive source of maps. outline maps
Country fact files
Ordnance survey
 OS Get-a-map
Maps of the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at a variety of
Free downloadable outline GB maps
Home page-geofacts about GB –distances, extremities, longest, highest, how many,
definitions etc.
Mapzone- (children's area)
- Interactive mapping tools and free downloads
- Favourite places
- GIS world of interactive maps
- Homework help
- Competitions
- Did you know?
- Games- (need to have access to macromedia shockwave player) include:
· Recognising European countries
· GB jigsaws
· European jigsaws
· Flags of European nations
· Directions
· OS symbols
 Downloadable Coventry city centre maps, which have no copyright restrictions
Other Resources
· Chembakolli TV-ROM (details from
· Digital Movie Creator 2: simple camera with video editing software (details
· Digital Worlds GIS for Primary schools ? school-centred GIS tools
(details from
· Easilearn: The Island (details from*
"Virtual fieldtrip" for KS2, using a "framed enquiry" approach, with built-in
journal and assessment tools (RM website)
· Easiteach Geography Tools & Content Pack (details from
Package of IWB tools (including map maker) and content linked to all units of
the QCA scheme. (RM website)
· Geography at Key Stages 1 and 2 - Unit 13: A contrasting UK locality ?
Llandudno CDROM with video clips (details from
· History & Geography writing frames for infants (details from
Also atlases and text books
· Local Studies map making software (details/updates from
· Oxford Talking Infant Atlas CD-ROM (details from
             BP educational teaching and primary resources and information
· Simply VR software for making VR panoramas (details from
· Village Life in India CDROM (details from
· Virtual Geography for Key Stage 2 CDROM (details from
· Windows Movie Maker (installed on all Windows XP PCs in Accessories)
               Educational and teaching resources for primary schools geography
               products include play mats, globes and atlases.

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