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Over the summer I installed worpressMU on the jasperstreet server. It was a success, and as a result I installed it on the school intranet server and will be offering blogs to any interested teachers, clubs, or whatever. If you want a blog you can have one too.

I am excited at the prospect. I am going to have my students blog about the books they read from the mini library in my class each student will have their own blog, which they can customize.

Other than myself two other teachers have prodded me with some questions. I'll wait and see if I get more interest.

The JS Wiki Math Text was afforded some attention by the summer. Some matrices content, and some video embedded lectures.

Other than that I have been setting up Manhattan Virtual Classrooms, blogging, and configuring a computer image that will encompass the needs of C++, Java, Math Lab classes; I came to Ubuntu hacked with KDE 4 coupled with

The computer image is installed an up and running. No problems yet, but the Math Lab class does not meet until second semester.

Does anybody now how to set the range on wolframalpha?

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Comment by Geoff St. Pierre on September 8, 2009 at 5:22am
I tried iTalc last year, but I could not figure out what directory they wanted the key files in. Do you know? I'll check the documentation again, but last year the documentation was sparse.

I briefly checked out the wiki ubuntu learning site; looks interesting I will read more tonight.


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