Past continuous:

The past continuous is formed from the past tense of be (was/were) with the -ing form of the verb.

We use the past continuous to talk about the past

  • A continuous action in the past which is interrupted by another action or a time.


I was reading when the cellphone rang.

We were playing when she fell asleep.

At ten o’clock, I was sleeping.


  • For two actions which happened at the same time in the past


I was reading while he was watching TV.

They were playing and we were singing.

She was painting while I listening to music.


  • For something that was happening again and again


They were always screaming.

I was working every weekend, five hours for day.

He was always leaving the tap running.


  • To give atmosphere to what we are describing


When I walked into the classroom, a group of people were talking

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing

When I started my essay, my sisters were discussing



Sentence Structure


  • Affirmative.


Subject + (Was/Were) + verb in Ing + ob/c


She was eating when I called her.

We were writing.


  • Negative.


Subject+ (wasn’t/ was not – Weren’t/were not) + verb in Ing + ob/c


He was not studying.

You were not playing guitar.


  • Questions.


Was/were + subject +verb in Ing +c/ob ?


Was she reading?

Were you cooking a cake?

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