PodCast producer - well hidden and largely unknown

a little known app contained in the utilities folder is podcast capture

this app links to an XServ( Apple OS X server running Leopard OS X.5) and allows immediate screencapture with voice over

with post processing done by the server and uploaded to your blog or wiki

blog server and wiki servers are included in the Xserv software..all free..all unlimited

a perfect way to host your own content within your school with reduced issues of privacy or copyright comared with publishing live to the rest of the planet.

to my knowledge very few people have set up podcast producer...we have a demo running on a mac mini

it would be recommended to use an Xserv or a mac pro, but a local network could handle reduced traffic
the only requirement is a dedicated server running OS X.5 server

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Comment by Antwon Lincoln on January 10, 2009 at 9:05am
Do you use xserv much? Could you point me n a good direction to lear more about xserv. I am looking for a simple but thorough learning of it.

Comment by garyb on January 10, 2009 at 7:57pm
Greetings Antwon
as a starter try this URL

i work alongside an apple certified engineer so he knows all the ins and outs...training is an option for whoever the tech support will be..well worth it!

some schools we support have about equal numbers winOS and macOS, however have six techs for win side, two for mac side...mostly viruses and breakdowns and repairs..the Xserve just runs and can serve out an image overnight, students can re-image at any time..and macbooks are a dream!!
even running bootcamp
plenty of reviews of OS X.5 (Leopard) server
there are developers forums which are free to join if you have specifics, they tend to be very patient with newbies..again through apple.com
technotes cover most questions you may have about setting up and running, with specifics according to the many hundreds of hybrid cross platform network setups

just because a network server runs windows...doesn't mean it has a standard setup!!

apparently there are choices made when settign up, which means very few networks are the same...even windows netowrks

however, apple xserv operates under standards, so the chances are the setup is more uniform and any tech can work on any network setup

the impression given by win techs are that apple doesn't follow agreed standards...however it seems the reverse applies, every winOS server has its own reasons for being the way that it is..with little documentation leads a new tech to 'break things' because they weren't aware of how the network was setup...every tech has their way of doing it


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