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I've used the PollEverywhere on our student laptops. I'm going to try and setup a few of these this semester on cell phones. I should note those students who do not have unlimited texting I simply e-mail them the same material. I give them more time to reply back as well.

Using the cell phone part two. Today .. I used the polleverywhere ( in class. I asked students who had their cell phones (everyone ... surprise had their cell phone) then asked them to remind me who didn't have unlimited texting (only 2 out of 19). I had them partner up with someone who did.

Then we opened class with a multiple choice question as a review from the last class period. I did this as a way to introduce how to text using polleverywhere. To my surprise (and a little sadness) couple of students got the question wrong. So I did a quick reteach.

I use my PPT or Keynote to guide my class. Whether it be the discussion, lecture, group work, etc. I have it outlined on the PPT. So I added some questions along the way to test currently new knowledge that had been introduced during class. Most of them were opened ended. To address the use of cell phones I asked students to turn their cell phones on vibrate and place on their desk. If they went off when they weren't to use it- to simply ignore it. When the questions popped up on the screen they were to respond. The students loved it. Yes, one phone went off but it just sat on the desk while we continued the class (I'm sure he check it when we did the actual texting but who cares). I saw students excited about answering the question as well as needing to clear a few points up along the way. It reminds me of a CPS system (which cost money and in our district is housed at the middle school).

My questions to any of you who maybe doing this already is how many have purchase the whole package of polleverywhere? Does it allow you to assign individual names so you can see the student and their answers instead of just an answer? I didn't like the fact I couldn't see who gave me what answer. I will most likely have them add their name when they do open end from now on.

My plans are to continue exploring the cell phone use so please share any you have.
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I was asked on Plurk to share some examples so here are the questions I asked today. Remember this was day one.

Multiple Choice was "What was the turning point in American History as both a military and economy power?" Choices I gave them was Civil War, War with Mexico, Spanish-American War or World War I. Each choice had a different number they needed to text to demo their answer.

Then I moved to open ended starting with something I presented in class then something they had to draw their own conclusion (still simple)

1. What were the two causes of the Spanish-American War?
2. Outline the Treaty of Paris of 1898?
3. What is the difference between the Platt Amendment and the Teller Amendment?

In the evenings I text questions the relate to upcoming test material. For example:

1. Can you define Imperialism?
2. If asked could you explain to someone why America turned to Imperialism at the turn of the century.
3. Could you explain how the story Wizard of Oz relates to the Populism Movement of the time?

Ok just a few examples.
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Seems like I'm talking to myself (smile). Day two of my cell phone project failed due to limited service for many of the kids. I moved to a room that doesn't get much service. However, I'd really like to hear some thoughts on this.

I created a "study room" using This site allows people to call in and post messages. My hope was students could call in their questions and other students would answer them. Creating a study room. To my disappointment the students were not excited at all with this. After visiting with a few it came down to having to call in. They would prefer to be able to text the message and then have the answer texted by their fellow student.

Is there something out there where a person can text to a large group of people (have it archived so I could see it). I know they could setup a group and text to one large group (then you have the issue of different services and cost) and then the students with the answer could text them back. But I want a place where the text is posted as well.

Looking for ideas???????????????????

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