We use present continuous in the following situations:

1. To talk about actions that started in the past and continous up to the present.

Ex:"we are working to improve the educational system"

2. To talk about something that is happening at the moment of talking.

       Ex: "I'm walking on the street"

3. To describe a future action which is already scheduled.

Ex:"We are traveling to Canada next week"

4. To talk about a long period process that take a change during the time.

Ex:"The number of people in Chile are increasing"


(+)Affirmative: Subject + am/is/are + verb-ing + complement.

(-) Negative: Subject + am/is/are + not + verb-ing + complement.

(?) Interrogative: am/is/are + subject + verb-ing + complement.

                        Wh-question + am/is/are + subject + verb-ing + complement.


Do not use present continuous with stative verbs.

Here is a list of stative verbs which can help you: https://advancedesl.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/stative-verbs1.jpg

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