When I was first introduced to this assignment of learning more about online education I was very excited. As a teacher who is not one hundred percent enthused about the schools available to her family, I immediately thought that online education might be an option for my family. I, myself have taken tons of online courses, mot with wild success. As a student that didn’t thrive in traditional education. I truly believed that full online education, building 21st century skills would be a viable option.

                However, my online experiences at the college level did not mirror those at the high school and early ages. After reviewing and speaking with k12.org I was highly disappointed in the attitude I received when asking questions and the lack of depth I saw online. Online education has SO much more to offer then k12.org is showcasing and/or willing to discuss with me. The lessons I did find online were one dimensional and only point and click lessons. I easily found my way through the lessons randomly clicking until I got the correct answer to move forward. Because online education has so much more to offer then what is presented on k12.org, I decided to ask a representative my detailed questions. I was quickly told that he could not answer my questions and I needed to contact a rep. After calling and leaving a message I am still awaiting a call back, 5 days later. I do understand here that they are in the thick of registration for this coming year, but I do wonder how many current students waiting for enrollment are waiting for the same call back.

                Overall, I was very dissatisfied with my experience with k12.org and would NOT send my child there.

                I did speak with an online teacher who is located within the traditional high school. I still was under the impression that the curriculum is point and click and a student would randomly click until the right answer appeared.

                I also spoke with an online student whose experience mirror my own. She is able to turn in comprehensive assignments that are graded online, participate in online discussions with her peers, and do the reading on her own. This type of curriculum lacks the point and click that guides students through each lesson. I still question which format is more effective.   

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