Upon watching the videos and reading the articles for class, I became more aware of student response to technology. Before this class, I just thought of technology as a strategy in my teaching tool bag to enhance my teaching and student learning. While I use technology quite a bit, I do not incorporate it into every aspect of my teaching. However, the two videos and the articles opened my eyes to the need for teachers to use technology often to reach a new generation of students.

Technology has truly become a form of communication and expression for our students. It illustrated to me the need for teachers, such as myself, to find ways to incorporate technology into a meaningful way. It makes me take a jump back to my past lessons where technology was not incorporated and wonder what my students really got out of the lessons. While I wouldn't call myself a 100% "Digital Immigrant," I probably fall more into that category. Thus, as one who is this, I think it can make it difficult for us to reach to those "Digital Natives." Sometimes I struggle to always use technology for the sake of time that I have to teach, but I am not going to let that be my excuse. I believe that teachers have the responsibility to teach in a manner that reaches their students needs. Obviously, this generation of students has a "need" for technology. Thus, I look forward to learning more about the technology tools in order to meet this need.

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