Sadhea-Web. An Author System For The Development Of Web Learning Hyper-Environments.

SAdHEA-Web ( is a hundred-percent Cuban solution for the production of educational software, in the form of
learning hyper-environments (LHE), created in PHP and MySql, and Java Script with AJAX technology.
It highly benefits teachers interested in creating their own hyper-environments. Its general characteristics are: users do not have to be
programmers, it allows constant upgrading, the resulting product is a multiplatform free software, it integrates notions and services of the Web, it allows free distribution (Internet, Intranet, School Labs, local PC), it facilitates different prototypes and designs of the interface and accepts varied development roles (advanced learner and user)

This system meets today’s demands to switch the Cuban educational software to multi-platform format, contributing to develop the Cuban software industry towards achieving technological self-sufficiency. It reduces the assembling time
(programming stage) of the hyper-environments to be developed under this conception, what allows to enhance the efficiency of the process and minimize typical errors at this stage. Besides, the free-software-based resulting hyper-environments allow improvement and solution exchange, what benefits the Cuban education, being the tool itself an example of the potential of this education.

Thanks to the tools used to develop SAdHEA-Web, it also allows, among other aspects, to replace the use of property software or development tools, which require license fees, thus contributing to develop the Cuban software industry towards the achievement of technological self-sufficiency; to produce high-quality export material from the pedagogical and technological points of view; to develop potentially serviceable products with attached value, especially in the area of educational software production; to offer upgrading for the application and development of the material; and the upgrading of teachers to use the educational software produced by the tool. As a result of the use of this tool, seventy LHE have been elaborated (twenty-three for Junior and Senior High Schools, in the Education Ministry Intranet, thirty-seven for “Galenomedia”, in the Health Ministry, and ten LHE for specific solutions). In progress, there are seventeen LHE. An outstanding note is that ten of the latter will be introduced in the Venezuelan Schools, as part of the ALBA cooperation agreements.

SAdHEA-Web is being used by all Teacher Training Colleges of the country, by Medical Schools of the Health Ministry, bythe Ministry of University Education Centers, the University of ComputerSciences, and various institutions along Cuba.

From the economic viewpoint, the possibility of developing educational software for the different teaching levels of the Cuban schools, through the free-software-based author system, a national product, gives the country the advantage of not having to purchase them in the international market, consequently saving hard currency.

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