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I bet you have all heard of Santa Clause, in fact I know you have because of all the millions of letters I receive each year from you all, but I imagine that most of you do not know very much about where I live and all of the creatures who live with me in the North Pole and help me make Christmas so special.
I was concerned that it is only ever Rudolph and I that seem to get the credit but the truth is that here in my Village we work together as a team so that the children of the world receive their gifts on Christmas morning. Why there are elves, gnomes, snowmen, reindeer, talking Christmas trees to name just a few.

Mrs Clause, my dear wife, had the brilliant idea that I should write down the history of the village and all of its inhabitants so that children could enjoy all of the wonderful stories of how we came to be as we are today. There certainly is never a dull moment here in the North Pole! You will even hear about the time Santa met the Queen of England and landed on the moon by mistake. I bet you would all like to know how I became Santa in the first place and how my village was founded.

1) Santa as a little boy.
2) Santa's Village.
3) Santa's goes to the Moon.
4) Santa Paws
5) Yodule.
6) Milk and Cookies.
7) Harry the Happy Snowman.
8) Naughty Normam
9) Rudolphs Birthday
10) Alley the Cat.
11) Santa meets the Queen.
12) Stancer the Santa Mobile
13) Stuck in the Chimney Part 1.
14) Stuck in the Chimney Part 2.
15) The Easter Bunny.
16) Trick or Treat.
17) Santa's Hat.
18) Christina the Christmas Tree.


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