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Screencasting software — for screen capture, editing, and publication of video files - has been used to market software products and website service, and to train people in the use of those products and service. Screencasting is a powerful tool for presentation; if screencating software can be properly used it will enable us to achieve many of our goals, such as making a software tutorial, creating a shot how-to video, and producing a website demo. If you would like to make stunning software products demonstrations and website service guides, you will find out that screencasting software is in need.

Basics of screencasting software

Screencasting software is designed to record what is going on the computer screen as a digital movie with audio narration which describes the on-screen action, so that the audients can learn the software products and website service more effectively than still screenshots. Especially now that animations and video are much more readily created and incorporated into presentations. This make it easier to "show how" as well as "tell how" in presentations. While examining the screencasting software we can see that most of these solutions enable the following: screen recording, scene editing, and video publication.


Using the screencasting software can definitely make our tech presentation easier. There are some advantages:

* Record exactly what happened on the computer. The project file can be edited with annotations, audio, images, interactivities and even animations to enhance the screencasting.

* Improving the presentation solution of software products and website service. The screencasting tool can be used to make simulation tutorials for the software training and presentation, which guide the audience to learn to product and service step by step. And you can make how-to videos for remote technical support.

* Publish format make it easy to deliver on web: Flash .swf file format has very good file compression capabilities; Video .avi file format is easy to upload to video sharing website like YouTube.

If we learn it further we would probably find additional features that aren't described in this the user instruction, as this tool keeps improving, bringing us new solutions that help us on improving our screencast editing skills and presentation skills.

Quick summary

For a longtime, software developers, software vendors and webmasters had looked for a better solution for creating great software demonstrations and website service video guide; now there is screencasting software for them. That is a new solution to introduce your products and websites to audience. Screencasting software can be used to create standalone tutorials, training sessions and web demos that can be distributed directly, over the Web and in specialty EXE/CD/DVD. There will be more and more powerful new feature in screencasting software. The screencasting software and screencating will influence us much more in the later days.

Watch how an screencasting tool DemoCreator can do and learn more about innovative technologies that can help you make to make software demonstrations and website service video guide.
Learn more about screencasting software.

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