I've gotten into the bad habit of doing the blog the morning after and this time, there was not real reason for that except procrastination on my part. 

This course is really planned right as far as making session six relatively relaxing and enjoyable at Thanksgiving time.  I got the work done by Wednesday night and really had a very refreshing break.  In reading the feedback just now, it looks like I've essentially made it.  I'm not sure what more I can come up with in the communicating with parents department...but, I can put some thought into that between now and Capstone Two.


While in the classroom, as a history teacher, I made an attempt to become nationally certifified at that.  I video taped myself teaching a lesson, compiled a portfolio (I really don't even remember if it was online or mailed in), and traveled up to Salisbury to take a test.  There were something like five different areas, and I was rated just sort of average in all five.  I gave up rather than persuing it any further.  Offering a course where you have help getting through the process is soooo very helpful.  I'm sure it is the only way I'd ever become nationally certified in this area.  I'm very grateful to all of you folks who provide guidance, feedback, and encouragement.

My co-workers who have had this class have talked about the number of people who dropped out of the class.  I didn't think that was happening with my class.  Then, I noticed that the number of post in the forums had dropped off.  I believe we started out with nineteen class members.  I just counted and there were 11 posts on the AUP forum...so I guess that is about "par for the course".  I'm glad I'm one of the ones that hung in there--I'm sure I worked a lot less efficiently and put a lot more time into this than some.  That's okay, I'm just happy that in the end I made the cut.


On the AUP, it has been suggested that I go to the Virginia School Board Association website and check out some of what is available there on AUPs.  The state guidelines are so extensive, it doesn't seem like too many school boards have actually covered all of the areas that the state wants them to cover.  In ours, for example, it doesn't look like there is an section in the parental consent form that explicitally releases the school from liability (as the state demands.) 

At first I thought the parental consent statement wasn't really the AUP.  It referes to things being examples of violations of the policy, without really stating what the policy is.  But, upon hunting around and re-reading the statement, I came to realize that, that is all there is, there ain't no more.  We have a very vague, unspoken policy, with examples of violations, but no real statement of policy.  In my mind, it needs a lot of work just to make it what it was supposed to be in the first place, say nothing of bringing it into the 21st century of Web 2.0 and mobile devices.


While, 6 A.M. and time to get ready for work.

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