So, what does a web2 classroom look like?

Do we even call it a classroom? Maybe we call it an environment?

Here are suggestions - but they are speculative suggestions only.

1. Flexible
The traditional schoolroom was a place that was designed for all to follow the same thing at the same time and the technology that was in use was so specific as to be easily accommodated within a static set up. Now we need the utmost flexibility. Flexibility on terms of desking, or power, of ICT connectivity, of computers versus work spaces, or access to all manner of technologies on demand, at need.

2. Media Rich

Media needs to be part of the ecology of the place, it needs to be there in terms of any delivery, it needs to be there for use by learners

3. Comms rich

The communications side of ICT is at the heart of allowing learners to operate and learn in as varied and personalised a way as they can. This has some downsides in terms of safeguards, but there is a tendency to over safety to the point of non communication. We need to apply the real workld test to what is available - after all that's what the learners spend most of their lives in.

4. 'Busy'

To an observer it will look like there is lots going on, and much of it will seem self initiated and somewhat chaotic. This is good, this is how it should be. This is symptomatic of a learner being able to learn and be aided in THEIR learning by the teacher. In the past lessons were busy was the students supposedly were all on task and all were quiet - in fact that didn't guarantee they were either on task or learning anything.

5. Fuzzy edged

Learning is messy, learning is not packaged into nice subject areas. Learnign needs the right ecology to grow. That ecology is not sterile and not overly managed. It need s a good seed bed and the right nutrients, then let the natural process occur.

6. Dynamic

7. Friendly

8. Augmented reality/ Virtual reality dimension?

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