Social Network Sites For Middle School Students Should be Banned...Really!

Greetings Community,

I am begining to understand this Web 2.0 world (Finally!). I read various blogs discussing the marits of this new
world in education. Love the buzz in the Classroom 2.0 site. I am
shifting to see educational benifits beyond the Web 2.0 hype
(Sorry...some of it is hype). Part of my challenge is I work in an
elementary setting. K-6 students online is a very touchy subject in my
district. We are still embracing Web 1.0.

I stumbled across this video "N.J Principal Calls
for a Social Network Ban
" (

It struck me as odd. Here is a principal expressing an opinion that goes against the crowd. To be fair, his concern to protect is
valid. With the rise on cyberbullying the site administrator has a
point. But instead of banning the site, maybe he should spend some time
looking at ways to provide students with 21st century skills to deal
with information on sites like this one (I am assuming he doesn't).
Teach them how to use the site.

Students can:
  • Analyze source.
  • Check for validity.
  • Develop a sense of pride in their ability to ignore or confront malicious behavior directed at them, or others.
  • Use the site to create a platform for understanding others who may be different.
  • Dialog around issues.
I guess what I am trying to express, don't remove the water out of the
pool because kids can't swim. Why not teach them how to swim. You may
enjoy the pool after all.

There is a teachable moment here.

What do you think?
  • Are students being led to this online world without rules of engagement?
  • Are social networking sites too risky for kids?
  • Do you teach students how to use these sites in a manner that is safe and respectful?
  • Do you feel that districts shy away from Web 2.0 because students are not being taught how to use the sites properly?
Just a thought...
Antwon Lincoln

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Comment by Ibrahim on May 2, 2010 at 12:16pm
I think the school principal should reconsider and do their part not to kill students' interests instead of getting the best of social-educational networking
Read this article Why schools should stop blocking social network sites


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