Micro-teaching activity

To us in this first activity was very important to learn the alphabet as the basis of the language vocabulary. The book called “VIVA”, we choose chapter one represent the pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet. To us is very important to learn the alphabet because the words are compose by it is letters. Our activity in one way was excellent because we did our best we could to improve our success in a classroom. We could improve by the intervention of our classmates with their questions of how students can learn a new language.

As we present our topic, I felt in one way was fine, because as I said in the classroom that I learned in Mexico from my English teacher that pronunciation is very important end for this reason students learning require to hear the sounds of the words as well as to learn how to place the letters together in order to form words. Syllables are stick together to have a word in Spanish and we learn the words by practicing how the letters sound when we have two or three letters together and one way is to pronounce the syllables and then ask our students to repeat the same as well as the sound. It is going to be easy for students if we as teachers can help by pronouncing with them to words. We know the language how every syllable is used to have a word.  In Spanish our syllables are precise because it sound the way is written that’s why the Spanish speakers many times we mispronounce the English words because we are used to say the words exactly as is written. One interesting tool that we can use in the process of language learning is to have visual objects for example pictures, with a description of what is in side in order to learn their own characteristics, for example we write; carro, mesa, triciclo, or casa, in Spanish if we show a picture of those items we will connect with no trouble the relation of these articles.

As I am in a classroom this activities are very interesting because I am learning what is needed in the process to learn a language is to find a way how students can be motivated to learn a new language.

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