St. Patrick's Day and Santa and the Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day and Santa and the Leprechaun

Children like all families; here at Santa’s Village we also have our day to day problems.
Well one day Maurice the Mouse knocked on my office door. “Come in Maurice” I said, “What can I do for you?”
Maurice said, “Santa I was in the grotto the other day and I saw a group of little green men and when they saw me they ran away, Santa I was the one that was scared.”
I assured Maurice everything would be alright and that Santa would sort it out and let him know the outcome.
That night instead of going to bed I went down to the grotto; I sat in my chair by the fire and turned off the lights.
I waited and waited and all of a sudden I heard a noise, I looked around and in the corner I could see a dark figure standing there. I switched on the lights and there he was startled by the lights Sean the Leprechaun. He was a fine looking gentleman all dressed in green but I could see he had fallen on hard times, his suit was thread bare.
“Forgive me Sir” he said in an Irish Accent “but we were on our way to America and our ship encountered fog and we have lost our way. My wife is expecting our fourth child and we are starving Sir, I was only looking for food to feed my family.”
I told Sean I was Santa and I would help but I had to explain that the presence of his family had scared my family. I told him not to worry and that I would like to meet his family and help.
We headed down to the barn, opened the door and there they were the little people.
I could tell Sean was a proud man and all he wanted to do was to look after his family, he was a good man.
“Santa Sir” he said, “can we stay the night until my child is born and we will be on our way”. “Sean” I said. “I will get Mr’s Claus to make you some food and we will get Tim the Tailor to mend that lovely green suit of yours, you are welcome to stop as long as you wish.
Well Sean’s wife gave birth to a baby boy who he named after me, “Nicolas” then they set sail for America. My family were there to wave them off, but I could see they were still not sure of this little green family.
As the ship sailed into the distance, I turned to my family and especially Maurice and explained a very important lesson. We should never judge people by their appearance; if someone turns up in your life and they are different I am not saying you should like them, all I’m saying is that you should give them a chance.
Sean’s family were different, they were small, they were dressed in green and they spoke with a different accent, but they are God’s Children and Sean proved, he was a good man.
So children if a new boy or girl turns up in your class and they are different from you reach out to them and give them a chance and make them feel welcome.

Every Year in March I receive a letter from Sean and he always wishes me a Happy St Patrick’s Day. He has never forgotten my Kindness and that makes Santa happy.

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