Struggle. One word that carries some of the most negative connotations in the English language. But what if struggle can be a good thing? What if during struggle we actually learn? Maybe we should encourage struggle. Maybe we should challenge our students. A diamond is made under pressure, so can we use struggle to create diamonds of our students? I think we need to make sure that it is a healthy struggle, but I believe that in the midst of the struggle we learn more. We learn that we can accomplish anything. Nelson Mandela once said "It always seems impossible until it's done". So why do we give such a negative connotation to struggle? Growing up I was always told that if I struggled with something that it probably wasn't for me. As an adult, I realized that sometimes, I just have to work harder at some things. Things that others achieve quickly, may take me longer. But as I struggle with it, I learn better, and I learn to believe in myself! So let’s challenge ourselves and our students to reach for what we perceive is impossible! Let’s teach our students that struggle is okay! We don't have to be perfect at everything! I believe that doing this will give our students an opportunity to shine, to believe in themselves, and to become a diamond! Let’s help them to realize that the impossible is only a figment of our imagination! Life is one continuous learning experience, and we aren’t expected to know everything! So struggle through the stuff that doesn’t come easy, and allow it to teach you! Let’s change the connotation of struggle, one classroom at a time!

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