Teachers Are Role Models – Thus Need to Stay Healthy, Fit and Trim - By Lance Winslow

Just a little exercise per day, will go along way!

By Lance Winslow

Far too often "obese" educators also set a horrible example. They are supposed to be role models, and keeping fit and trim, goes a long way to helping kids understand the need to stay in shape. If teachers as role models are fat, they are doing a complete disservice to the student, which quite frankly is completely unforgivable.

So, should we have "Mandatory" weight loss or fitness programs for teachers? Maybe we should, although with the incredible strength of the teacher's union, they'd probably sue up a storm in our courts.

It's too bad teachers will not self-enforce the importance of their image as role models with this regard. I am quite concerned with the overweight issues with a good many teachers, and as a tax payer, it's really not fair for me to pay extra, because those who are overweight due to lack of exercise or eating right means higher health bills, more problems and more costs.

If we do not solve this problem we are going to continue to see this epidemic of "Childhood Obesity" and although some kids have other issues, a good many of them are overweight due to an unhealthy lifestyle, but let's look at their role models, overweight parents, teachers, and even their own friends. This is a huge problem, one that needs to be addressed, along with a revival of the once popular "Presidential School Fitness Program" and thus, I hope you will please consider all this.

By Lance Winslow

Some More Studying on this issue would be in order if you are obese or very much overweight as a teacher;

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This is an extremely important issue for our youth and since teachers are often thought by parents to be role models when away from home, that perception is also carried by the offspring. They look up to you even if you can't see it underneath their personality shields. It is my belief that a lot of damage is being done without anyone even realizing it, and teachers should not deny this, they should rather work on staying fit. It is fair for all concerned, a teacher that lets themselves go, become obese is sending the wrong message to our kids, some would say that is absolutely unforgivable. I guess I also have an opinion about this.

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