This week for my master’s class I really enjoyed the videos that were assigned.  There is a lot of discussion going on today about the future of our education system and what curriculum should be taught.  There is a huge demand for technology in the classroom and yet many educators are reluctant to make the change.  I found both videos “Why is it important?” and "Vision on K-12 students today” to be incredibly interesting.  Some of those statistics were just astonishing.  It honestly made me feel guilty for not using more technology in my classroom.  My school district has been studying Common Core State Standards for two years now.  I’ve felt prepared and ready for the change.  After watching these videos however, I have to ask the question “Are we doing enough?”  How do we make sure that we are preparing our children for the new problems and new jobs of the century?  Focusing on curriculum of the past will only hold them back.  If every educator could watch these videos they might not be so reluctant to use technology.  Technology really is a tool that if used properly can make learning more interactive and interesting.

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