My older brother and I would spend hours a day when we were little play Super Nintendo. We had a system worked out where one of us would stay at the easiest level and keep getting as many lives as we could. The other one would try to advance as far as they could through all the levels. If that person got low on lives, then the one staying at the easiest level one give most of their lives to that person. It was a really good syster. It almost made it possible for us to beat the whole game, but we just couldn't do it. Occassionally our older sister would want to get in on some of that action, and that would sometimes cause some fighting as there were only two controlers. She wasn't quite as skilled as my brother and I, so we she did wan to play she always stayed at the lowest level to rack up the number of lives. Then my brother and I would take turns on the higer levels. In the end the three of us had many great times with that game console.

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Comment by Dave Eveland on March 10, 2009 at 7:30am
Wow, what a strategy! That's brilliant! It's almost a kin to having a 'savings account' for emergencies. Neat. Your memory brought to mind when my sister and I used to use our very first computer, an Apple IIe, to write programs on. We would actually buy magazines that had very simple programs written in them, type them all in, save them to a

floppy disk, and then see if we could get them to run. It was really exciting, because while we didn't understand all the code, we understood the code of words, and those words said that this program, "will let you find your way through a simple maze..." or other things and that was exciting. And actually after a while, we started understanding things. If I remember correctly, it even helped me with my typing skills, my sisters were better since she'd had some keyboarding classes already, and it made me want to improve mine too - so I could 'program' faster.


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