Ten Commandments for Teachers on the Web

To prevent good teachers and other public figures from making bad posts,
I have created the following list. I hope it helps!

(Note: multiply the cautious attitude of this list by ten if you an un-tenured teacher.)

1. Thou shalt never publish anything you wouldn’t show your boss or mom.

2. Thou shalt avoid intoxicants in posts or pics

3. … the same generally goes for anything that legally requires 18 years.

4. Thou shalt only post pics with a minimum of boxers and a T-shirt on, regardless of sex.

5. Thou shalt not post pics of your students or subordinates, nor shall you use their real names unless they are over 18 and have expressly given consent.

6. Thou shalt not curse, dummy (even this sentence would be shocking to a 1st grader).

7. Thou shalt avoid ANYTHING erotic or sexual.

8. Thou shalt never break any local, state or federal laws. If you are foolish enough to break laws, for HEAVEN’S SAKE! don’t document that fact online!

9. Thou shalt remember you are what you post. Therefore, look for every possible chance to include posts or pics of you and your student’s/subordinate’s successful work (asking permission and blocking
their names is also wise.)

10. Thou shalt never lie in a post. It’s a terrible precedent to set for the future generations of Public Figures.

What do you think? Did I leave something out? Do you disagree? Help me refine this list.

Please click here to Commandments added by readers or post your own comments

Copyright © 2010 David Mach

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