So I just took two little personality tests and I must say it was an interesting experience. Most of the personality tests that I have ever taken have been about what my personality color is or what type of cheese represents my inner being, but I really found these tests very revealing. I did have a problem with the PLSI test because in two of the sections I had an even split of 6 and 6 and it didn't really address what to do in that situation and so I don't know if my profile is accurate as it could be. This test did hit some things head on though. For instance I do hate missing out on things, I find that often times I would rather be sitting in someone else's room doing nothing rather then in my own room. For the most part I enjoy other people being around even if we're not doing anything, because then I don't feel like I'm missing anything. The multiple intelligence test I found much more interesting though, my highest score was in body and kinstetic and I never would have guessed that. Also my mathematics score was lower than I would have expect, I never had a problem with math and it just seemed odd to me. I think what suprised me the most about these tests though are that probably 3 or so years ago I feel like the numbers would have been completely different. These tests have helped me to examine how I have changed and how I am still changing. Taking these tests will definitely help when I am thinking about different lessons and things I am planning. Often times I tend to think of hands on activities to do, but I am often lacking in things such as writing assignments and other things, that may not have as much of an art and crafts feel to it. These tests are very good for making a person do some self evaluating and I would recommend them to everyone to take and just learn a little about themselves.

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Comment by Dave Eveland on January 26, 2009 at 7:25pm
I really appreciate your feedback from having taken the MI and PLS Inventories. These are really helpful, in learning about yourself for self-reflection and for evaluating one's own teaching preferences. People typically teach towards or within the intelligence/learning style that they themselves learn in. This can be both positive and negative in terms of promoting student success. Positive, because you can leverage your strengths to aide the students who are like you in your class; negative because it means you have to choose to be aware of an act on the fact that your learning style and intelligences are not shared in the same quantities with all students. This is to say that not all children - and people learn the same, or have the same level of intelligences.


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