The Branding of a School by Lance Winslow

When it comes to education and parent piece of mind image may mean more than you think. Having happy and satisfied parents sure beats having obstinate and hostile ones. Anyone who has been involved in education for any long period of time knows very well how important it is to have the children and parents onboard with the school and staff.

This is where a little bit of solid branding will go a long way to helping build the right image for your school, online curriculum or learning institution. Branding a school is not as difficult as it might sound, no, it's not going to be easy, at least doing it right is not so easy, but you will notice the results almost immediately.

If you have a new school it is often easier to set things in motion from the get-go. If your school has found its reputation ripped apart through no fault of your own, perhaps it's time for a little re-branding effort? There are a few key elements I'd like to discuss and get you thinking about your brand.

First, you need a compelling story, and that starts with a bit of history. This should include why the school was founded, by whom and perhaps, a historical background and resume story behind the founder.

Second, you need a mission statement, one which both the instructors, parents and even the kids can believe in. You must take this seriously.

Third, you'll need a logo, five word or less statement and they must be firm in the belief system of the staff, instructors and cater to the needs of your student and their parents.

Please think on this and if you wish you may contact me to brainstorm. I believe this to be a very important part of the success of any school or curriculum. It may not be as important as how or what you teach, but it is paramount that you get your brand on solid footing. Think on this.

By Lance Winslow

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