The daunting Multiple Intelligences Inventory Test

I took the MII and had a mixed reaction to the results. Although I would agree with most of the peaks, some of them did not seem to describe me. First of all, here are my results:

Linguistic: 42
Mathematics: 39
Visual/Spatial: 31
Body/Kinesthetic: 47
Naturalistic: 42
Music: 41
Interpersonal: 45
Intrapersonal: 35

The MII confirmed many things about me. I learn best when I'm able to move around and interact with the world around me. When I need to study I always write down what I need to recall while saying the information out loud. I don't enjoy being by myself or by being thrown into an assignment.

The test revealed several things I was not aware of before. Although, I don't enjoy sports or many physical activities, I can still have a peak in the body/kinesthetic category. Also, even though I like to spend time by myself I am not going to learn best by working by myself (quite the opposite, in fact). It's astounding someone can be unaware of how they learn best. For this reason, I think it's incredibly important these tests be incorporated into schools. They can help students by showing them how they learn best and teachers can teach accordingly.

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Comment by Dave Eveland on February 9, 2010 at 1:39pm
I appreciated your comment about "When I need to study I always write down what I need to recall while saying the information out loud", as I prefer to do the same-thing. Internalizing my thoughts was never easy for me to do and putting down or drawing out my thoughts in words and pictures on paper was always very helpful and even fun for me. I actually enjoy explaining my thinking to myself, though I'm not sure others would understand it (my notes) if [they were] asked to decipher them. I also liked your comment, "It's astounding someone can be unaware of how they learn best." < because that was me. It never occurred to me until I came to school that there were quite possibly multiple ways to learn something and that one way for someone could be better for them, than the same way for another person. It really revolutionized my thinking about learning and teaching, but it also meant that the workload of the teacher grew exponentially - at least potentially.


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