The Extended Value of Classroom Networks

An interesting thing happened on the way home from Educon 2.2 last Sunday night. Walking through the terminal and against my exhaustion, I reflexively checked my mail. Lazy eyes lifted open, I flicked my thumb scrolling… trolling for a demand of action. I’m hyper-connected. I pay for it. And yet, I’m a better teacher and leader because of it. This is the sort of thing that I am betting many folks in this network might be interested in. Cutting to the chase, here is the simple, yet interesting email I received:

Here are the things you must know/appreciate/love about the aforementioned interaction…

  • Principles of Biology is the learning network our class has built on the Ning platform. Begun only last year, I believe it really is a super example of open student discourse in a core content area.
  • Kristen Sheehan is no longer a student at Benton High School. Though she has graduated and moved on to the University world… she remains a member of our network.
  • What is Life?” was a rather intense classroom discussion back near the beginning of this school year that continued in our online space.
  • Kristen courteously informs and carefully cites the original work.

CLICK HERE to read the full story, see the "challenge" and perhaps add in a comment, suggestion, anecdote, joke, smile, five-dollar bill, etc.

*PS- yes, these students are aware of their celebrity.


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