The ethical mind deals with human relationships, As an educator our actions and ethical decision influence our students. If we are model individuals, we can be positvie influences versus what students see most EVERYwhere else. A large problem for students of this time period deals with resepect. They don't normally understand it because they have not seen it. Simple considerations such as "Yes ma'am and No Ma'am" are unfamiliar to our students. Common courtesies to us as teachers is not common to our students. Also, when teaching science there are very controversial topics where one could apply their ethical and moral feelins. Even in daily conversation this tactic can be used. One of my students maid a comment that an individual looked pregnant and I said, "but she is not married". The student then said that you don't have to be married to be pregnant. That allowed me to say, "but you are supposed to be". Little teachable moments appear for you the teacher to make ethical comments and model appropriate behaviors.

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