The Interactive White Board concept is contageous

I've spent most of my free time (as well as some that should have been used in other ways) helping the teacher next door recently. She learned of a grant in our state that is designed for implementation of technology in the classroom. Over these several hours, she has picked my brain regarding IWBs and what they can do. Each time we meet, I feel like she is doing a better job of finding ways to wring water out of a dry sponge. When I think I've told her everything I know, she finds a way to ask a question differently than before and my mind begins spinning again. At the end of today, she informed me that the principal signed off on her grant application and she put it into the mail (go figure - snail mail for a technology grant).

I hope she is successful in her efforts. It will be good to have more teachers in my building who are working to help students learn material in ways that are closer to their learning abilities. I'm even excited to help with the "informal training" if she gets the grant. With her enthusiasm, I'm sure the rest of the teachers will be hearing about the need/use of IWBs in classrooms and the need to change pedagogy to use them.

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Comment by Mike Haudenschild on December 11, 2008 at 9:27am
Hi, Glen -- That's VERY interesting. I'm fascinated at how your colleague continued to ask questions, getting you to think in a slightly different way each time. Sounds like an inquiry lesson--and could be an interesting model for teachers who want to learn more about ed tech tools, resources, and practices. I've said in the past that curiosity and awareness is 90% of the battle in integrating tech into your classroom--sounds like she has this down pat.
Comment by Glen Westbroek on December 11, 2008 at 9:40am
She is not very tech oriented - but understands the Inquiry process well. I'd not thought of it as a model for teachers who want to learn about ed tech tools, resources & practices. Thanks for the suggestion - I'lll look for ways to integrate this into a discussion at the school level. I'm sure my principal will be onboard!


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