Yesterday we had a fundraiser for our Lego Robotics team - it was a car wash at a local bank. I donned my shorts, team t-shirt, swim shoes and a visor and got excited about raising enough money for an educational kit and field kit. The kids were eager to hold up their car wash signs and I volunteered to be the adult- to supervise the kids by the busy street.

It was fun trying to get people to wave! Then we made a sign that said "Honk if you love Legos". The kids counted the number of honks they would get. After a few honks and waves from former students and parents I decided to change my sign from the boring "Car Wash" to "HELP THIS TEACHER raise $$ for her Lego Robotics". I stood on the busy intersection, across from Walmart and turned toward each lane of on coming traffic.

As cars passed, I watched passengers and drivers mouth out the words on my sign while reading it. It was at that point that I started to get angry.... I am a professional educator... molding the minds of our future generation... and I'm having to stand on a busy street corner to raise money for a project I want to do in my classroom. If my attire had included a halter top, mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels - I could have easily been arrested for Solicitation. Oh I was soliciting alright... I even resorted to using the word "TEACHER" on my sign in hopes of getting some sympathy money.

WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THAT?? Why is it that in order to get things for our schools we have to have bakes sales, car washes and sell little knick-knacks and wrapping paper? Why is it that I don't think twice about asking a business if they offer a "teacher discount". Do janitors ask for a "janitor's discount"? Do attorneys or doctors just assume that because of their profession they will be offered a reduction in price? OF COURSE NOT!!

Even though this would be a great segue into the amount of school money spent on athletics versus the amount spent on academics... I shall save that for another time.

In the meantime, since we only made $188 - I look forward to our next car wash (in three weeks).. maybe I'll wear a halter, mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, stiletto heels AND have my sign saying that I'm a teacher!! Then if I get arrested, I can have my 15 minutes of fame on television... while pleading my case that I was just trying to raise money to buy Legos!!

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