Thin Line between Learning a Language and Not Learning in YouTube

Some learners have been flexible enough to depend on the internet to help them learn foreign languages. In fact, due to the endless opportunities a learner can take advantage upon learning a language, most students only prefer in internet learning rather than going to Foreign Language School for intimate learning. Who could blame them? Most students, such a reality indeed, they prefer taking the easiest method if they avail it. If it’s more convenient to learn language in the internet, why not right?

Besides, when one is really very keen to learn languages, they can avail it freely if they want to. One of the common sites we usually want to go to is YouTube. Yes, students can really make use of the benefits of the videos uploaded in YouTube. From free lessons to songs with translations and lyrics, all these are accessible for free! No wonder most students only prefer learning online and independently. They can just learn their target language without even investing anything financially. Just the simple access in the internet, and voila!

But you see, depending on YouTube does not guarantee a complete and authentic learning in your target language, especially if you are learning a foreign language not common to your society. Like you’re living in China and you depend in YouTube to teach you English, obviously, you will really have a hard time coping up with that. Or if you’re in France but you’re very interested to master Arabic language, you can’t depend on YouTube alone. Seriously, you have to have a proper learning in language schools.

Of course, we don’t despise learners who go to YouTube for learning. In fact, it has been included in one of our articles that the social site plays an important role in enhancing one’s ability to learn the language more. But take note, the word there is enhance. Personally, I prefer YouTube as a very helpful site to assist a learner in helping him learn the language more, or even introduce the learner with the language’s basics so he can have an overview. Some learners may prefer to be dependent on YouTube for lessons, but for me, it’s really more preferable if learners will also take the learning to a higher level by going to language schools.

Do you or do you not agree?

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