The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to strategies that maximize use of available time and assist them in alleviating time management problems. It will focus on time awareness, time wasters, getting the right things done, setting priorities, planning, handling interruptions, disorganization, dealing with procrastination, dealing with (or avoiding) crises, and controlling their life. After attending the workshop, participants should be able to do such things as: write a personal mission statement, state and follow their long- and short-term goals, analyze their use and misuse of time, identify time wasters, use daily records and logs, trace their patterns of procrastination, recorded daily activities for one week on a time use inventory, decompose tasks into sequentially, temporally ordered activities, prioritize tasks and classify activities according to importance and urgency, develop a realistic "to-do" list, use a calendar, wristwatch or clock; practice punctuality, use a time management system such as a planner or computer program, maintain an organized work environment (organize desk, office, briefcase, and computer files), schedule uninterrupted time to engage in important tasks, control paper work, visitors, meetings, and telephone calls, undertake energizing activities.

Prof. Reima Al-jarf
King Saud University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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