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Remix means to take cultural artifacts and combine and manipulate them
Into new kinds of creative blends. Until recently, it mainly referred to us-
ing audio-editing techniques to produce "an alternative mix of a recorded
song that differed from the original.

Lessig (2005) argues that digital remix constitutes a contemporary form
of writing on the scale of a mass cultural practice and raises issues demanding
serious reform of current copyright law. The author examines remix as a
Significant literacy practice. He s explore shifts in everyday writing practices using examples of remix and analyze the art and craft of creating remixes to better understand these practices from insider (and outsider) perspectives

The author points out that there are some conceptual and theoretical relationships between remix, literacy, and literacy education and conclude with a brief discussion of remix within the context of classroom teaching and learning.

Lessig (2005) argues that culture as a whole can be construed as remix.
Whenever we comment on, say, a film or a book and discuss it with others,
We take the original author's creativity and remix it in our own lives, using it
To extend our own ideas or to produce an evaluation. Lessig (2005) explains that every single act of reading and choosing and criticizing and praising culture is in this sense remix, and it is through this general practice that cultures get made.

I am in total agreement. I am simply amazed at where we are in technology in society. The way technology is used definitely has made a lasting impact on society. At Monty, with the influx of the one to one learning in the classrooms, students and teachers react differently. The conversation is different. The whole way we do things seems like a remix. The ability to move text from one place to another, one paper to another, is amazing.

The same types of things are done in music. The ability to mix beats, or to take a beat from a particular artist and remix it into something else is amazing. My oldest son is into music and the creation of beats for himself and potential artists. It is simply amazing on the types of things that that can be done.

When I read this article, I can’t help but think about an artist by the name of P. Diddy. P Diddy made millions of dollars making rap songs remixing old beats from the 70’s and 80’s. At the time, it seemed brilliant. Now artists , novelist etc, do this on a regular basis. Also, just about every teenager and adult who has a vast interest in music, has expensive remixing, beat machines, or computers that assist them in making beats and doing all or some of the things discussed in this article.

According to the author,Remix has not simply emerged with digitization. It has always been a part of any society's cultural development. Current remixes that reference previous remixes in a layering of significance indicate the fertility of an
earlier remix.

The All Your Base set of photoshopped remixes is a good example of a long-lived, fertile remix. At this level, art ranges over the conceptualization of a production (e.g., where the concept comes from, how it comes together, and what concept comes from, how it comes together, and what makes it strong)

The author points out that Young people are embracing remix en masse, and it is increasingly integral to how they make meaning and express ideas. The author expresses concern with a more spe- cific sense of remix, one associated particularly with fan practices and undertaken using the capacities of computers to remix music, digital images, texts, sounds, and animation fan practices and undertaken using the capacities of computers to remix music, digital images, texts, sounds, and animation.

The author also points out the difference in age in regards to writing with text. The author points out that Teenagers do things so differently when it comes to writing, reading, and procesing music.

The author pints out that approaching digital remix is an endless hybridization and can be an educationally useful lens on culture . The changes that are taking place around us is definitely not a simple matter.

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