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I am sure that you have encounter the same questions, over and over, about why learning French. I did and for that reason, I strongly beleive that when school start in September, foreign language teachers should begin with a lesson plan that may last for a week on the reasons to learn a foreign language.

For French, often I hear that we do not need to learn it, because Spanish is more important. I like to answer them but prefer when they found the answer on their own, and if they do not, I like to have them find reasons and when we present it, this topics can be brought up.

In fact, I like to explain that if they the first foreign language worlwide is actually French, not Spanish, but they are right to say it is Spanish if they are in United States. Then, from that, I tell them that if they are planning to work outside the USA, it may be a good idea to choose French, and if they do not know what are their future (middle school students), then it is a plus in their pocket that they can add.

Then, I also emphasize in the fact that most of the university's requirements now is to have had foreign language classes. Reasons are because they havec conducted studies that showed that students are more likely to succeed if they have been in contact with foreign language.

My question is... how do you approach that question when being ask: "Why Learning French?" - or can you give us ideas of some lesson plans that would involve technology?

Thanks / merci!

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