Wiffiti is an interactive real-time message board

Wiffiti is a dynamic and interactive message board that displays real-time messages from various social media sources. 

Wiffiti is an excellent tool for teachers who want the ability to get immediate feedback from students. As educators know, checking for student understanding is a key component of the learning cycle. The feedback allows teachers the opportunity to direct future lessons to areas students are having difficulty with.

Another educational advantage of Wiffiti is students, especially reluctant learners, are more willing to participate in class activities as the risk to do so is minimized and the opportunities to contribute are more readily available. No matter what type of student you may have, Wiffiti encourages student engagement and a motivation to learn.

How to Get Started:
1. Sign up for an account here.
2. Create a new board by filling in the fields.
3. You are now ready to receive messages! Messages can be received 3 ways:
            - text message
            - Twitter
            - wiffiti.com

Tip: Before students start using Wiffiti, it is a good idea to discuss and set the expectations for shared content ahead of time as the messages can be anonymous.  

In recent months, Wiffiti has undergone significant changes as the tool has garnered a high level of interest from educators. To take advantage of this new market, the company that developed Wiffiti, LocaModa, has redesigned it for more educational applications. Currently, this beta-platform tool is undergoing testing and as a result, full access to Wiffiti is restricted to users who have signed up with specific educational email accounts.  For instance, services such as the G-rated filter and "zap" unwelcome comments feature may not be available.

Sample Classroom Activities:

1. "Ticket-out-the-Door" - before students leave class, have them respond to specific questions about the material covered or summarize the day's lesson.

2. Brainstorming - generating ideas as a class on any topic is quickly and easily achieved using Wiffiti. I really like that students who are having difficulty generating ideas can "steal" suggestions from others in a risk-free environment.

3.  Back Channel Chat - students can pose questions as a lesson is delivered.  The teacher can address those questions as a part of the ongoing lesson.

4.  Socratic Circles - to encourage participation of the outer group, students can forward comments or questions to the inner group via Wiffiti.

A final suggestion is the use of Wiffiti as a Professional Development tool.  Any of the above-mentioned activities can easily be transferred. 

Wiffiti is an excellent web tool that engages and motivates students to learn.  Click here to get started!

This blog is originally appeared on The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers.

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