We use "will" in the following cases:


1. To express a prediction based on what we believe will happen.

 Ex: "It will snow"

2. To make spontaneous decisions.

Ex: "I will call her" 

3. To talk about a future event.

        Ex: "I will marry on july 24"

4. To make promises.

        Ex:  "I will buy you a bottle of water, I promise"            

5. For refusing to do something.

Ex: " I will not wash the dishes"  


Affirmative: Subject+ will+ verb (base form) + complement

Negative: Subject+ will not/ won’t+ verb (base form)+Complement

Interrogative: Will+ subject+ verb (base form) + complement+?

                         Wh/q+ will+ subject+ verb (base form) + complement+?

Be going to:


We use "be going" to in the following cases:

1. To express a prediction based on evidences.

Ex: "Look at that black cloud, It is going to rain.

      "It's too late, you are going to miss the bus"

2. when we want to talk about a plan, projects or intentions for the future.

Ex: "I'm going to paint my house tomorrow"

      "we are not going to see my grandparents next week"


(+)Affirmative:  Subject + be going to + verb (base form) + complement

(-)Negative: Subject + be not going to+ verb (base form) + complement

(?)Interrogative: Be + subject+ going to + verb (base form) + complement+?


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